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Side Hustles I’ve Done

I’m more or less an employee now, but in my 30’s, I used to be quite the hustler. I was self employed for a number of years and did anything I could think of to make money. Now, that I am in my early 50’s, I look back at that period with a certain amount of fondness.


Here area few of the side-hustles I used to do (and maybe you could too) with a brief description of my experience with each:

  1. Selling stuff on eBay – I used to search around and look for cool small items or collectables. I couldn’t find enough things and I got tired of the time it took to process orders (tracking bids, postage, etc)
  2. Bartender – The hours were long and the tips weren’t much. To be honest, I’m an introvert, and this probably wasn’t the best choice for me
  3. Security – At special events and bars. Again, the hours were long and the money wasn’t great.
  4. Multi-Level Marketing – I sold vitamins. Ultimately, I didn’t like the recruiting aspect and the expectation to consume so many of the products.
  5. Accountant – This was my main gig – I was self-employed for 5 years. I realized that, after a while, I did not like doing taxes and bookkeeping – most small-business owners are so dis-organized and I found it challenging to charge decent rates for any length of time.
  6. Talent contests – I did a few singing contests! Ok – this was mostly for fun! I did make some money, but not a long-term plan and very competitive.
  7. Film/TV Extra – this was more recent. I had fun and learned a ton about the film-making process, but the hours were long and the pay low.


There was a common theme in many of these hustles – they were location-dependent and took too much of my time, while not paying me enough in return.

I am also very independent and don’t like to be told what to do. In some of the jobs above, I was at the mercy of some unreasonable bosses which took the fun out of the work. I was so busy back then and the last thing I wanted was some fool making my life hell.

Some hustles just weren’t the best use of my time.


As I mentioned, I am now mostly an employee … something happened to me in my 40’s.

I bought another condo. Real Estate is one of the best long-term investments you can make, but it comes with short-term costs. In my case, I kind of lost my hustle. Because, I had a mortgage, I became more risk-averse, and stayed in a high-paying job probably longer than I should have.

I still hung out with some of the wrong people. I look back and think I still partied a bit too much and went out for drinks at the pub more than I should have. I should have been hanging with other like-minded folks.


Nowadays, I really try to spend as much time as I can around entrepreneurial/hustler types. I am in the best shape of my life and no longer hang out in the bars (and shop) like I used to.

I feel I am slowly getting my ‘hustle’ back. Here are my current side-hustles:

  1. YouTube – a small channel doing covers of various songs.
  2. This blog – just started it about a month ago.
  3. Acting – I’ve been auditioning occasionally for TV. Yes, I’m an introvert, but I’ve decided to push myself.

1 and 2 are location-independent but 3 is not. That’s ok – regardless of what happens, I am picking up new skills that I never would have learned by doing one ‘day job’

I think I’d eventually like to be a Digital Nomad and travel the world!

Career FIRE Personal Development Side Hustles

Personal Mission Statement

For years, I chased the high salary and job title – I also chased the money. I went to school and it was drilled into me to get a good management position. So, I did that – I went from job to job and tried to improve my title (and pay) with each new company. I started as an Inventory Clerk, then Accountant, to Accounting Manager and then finally, Controller.


And then one day, I knew I was done. It was over. I knew that I would no longer continue on to the next logical step – CFO. I was burnt out.

For a long time, I did what I was expected or whatever people thought I should do. I worked in some jobs that made me dread getting up in the morning, but they were ‘good jobs’ and looked even better on my resume. The media bombards us with images of what success is supposed to look like and don’t get me started on peer pressure and other people’s opinions and expectations – I thought I was successful. I was somewhat part of the rat race, I guess and didn’t listen to my own needs, wants or desires. I needed a change or a way to help shepherd me through trying times.


So, I developed my own Personal Mission Statement.

What is a mission statement? I guess you can say it’s a set of overall goals for a person or organization – it’s a statement of purpose. It’s like a rudder through a storm or a way to guide us down a winding road when you can’t see what’s around the next bend.

Here is my current mission statement and it consists of 3 sentences:

1.) I want to see new things.

2.) I want to meet new people.

3.) I want to learn new skills.

That’s it. If you notice, there is no mention of money here. Obviously, money is important because we have to pay bills but it is no longer the single driving force in my life.

I’m sure my mission statement will change over time but it has definitely affected how I live my life. I am still a Controller because, to be honest, I have a mortgage to pay, but I now work in a good, small company where I enjoy going to work each day but who knows what will happen next?

It’s a process. I have now started side hustles and my next opportunities or life experiences will be guided by my mission statement.